Before the first spark of life, before the first men walked the land there was only the Gem — the origin of all possible creation and power, alone and suspended in a formless eternity.

The power of the Gem ebbed and flowed against vast emptiness, and its gift gave rise to light and dark, to substance and emptiness, chaos and order. Around it a world began to form, populated with spirits which grew and changed the environments which they inhabited. These great spirits learned how to harness and use the power of the great Gem, and created freely with it.

But as the ages passed, and the world grew fuller, some came to knew the mysteries of it better than others. Some lusted for greater power; others misused and unwisely spent the power which they gained. In a great cataclysm, the Gem was broken and shattered into untold millions of pieces, spinning off into the void beyond the World. Where they settled new worlds were begun, and the shards of it passed through those worlds and were carried unwittingly by some with an unusual ability to turn and determine fate.

You have been brought here to the First World because a piece of that ancient gemstone, the Uaine Cridhe, the Green Heart lives within you. It can be any size from as small as a penny to as large as a fist, but they are all of them a brilliant, vibrant emerald-colour in design and their own mild source of light. You have been brought from the far worlds to act as a champion, but what will you fight for?

The Green Heart

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